Exhibition in New York from.

November 3-5


Photographer Cesario Bianchi specializes in portrait photography. His work has been exhibited in some of the world’s most famous galleries and exhibitions. His work is the transmission of human emotion

He can pull out the deepest experiences. Such as anger and joy, sadness and sorrow. He’s someone who can tell a story through photography. He’s someone who got fired up to show the world incredible photographs at a young age. He earned his first camera himself by delivering newspapers and doing other small jobs. Already at a young age, he had a clear vision of the future and understood what had to be done to achieve his goals.

He’s a self-taught photographer who gave the world of emotion in his photographs.


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A little about emotions

How to reveal a person’s true emotions that are buried deep inside and are about to burst out? How to easily create a story in a photo, which will reveal the innermost dreams and desires?

Everyone has a huge variety of emotions. Here’s a girl rejoices presented with a bouquet of bright scarlet roses. Here’s a guy, blurred in a smile when he sees his baby for the first time in the maternity hospital.

All the events that happen in our lives are unique. Just as unique as our emotions.

What is sincerity? Is it possible to fake it? And is it really necessary? How to transfer the sincerest feelings in a photo?

We are all different, but we are all so similar. We can rejoice, grieve, be offended and laugh our hearts out. Just we all do it differently. In all situations, our emotions and thoughts must be pure, or else they otherwise they make little sense. Give goodness to the world and the world will give goodness in return.

How long has it been since you were happy? Just smiled, laughed, loved life?

After all, in fact – it’s very simple. Just smile at a new day, just enjoy the crimson sunset in the sky, just notice the details around you and realize that the world is extraordinary. It is unique and beautiful.

Yes, you may have thought to yourself that all this is difficult, unnecessary and you can and go on with your slumped mood. No, you don’t. Start with a simple exercise. Smile for five minutes a day and in a week, you’ll see new colors in the world.


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"437 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States"

November 3-5
from 10:00-21:00

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